Печать блокнотов Киев, изготовление блокнотов А6, А5, А4

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    In this section we will deal with you what notebooks are there, what it is, which notebooks are better to order - on a spring, on a spiral, on rings? How to order notebooks Online? Should I make unusual notebooks or opt for standard notebooks? What are the standard sizes of notebooks? How to make a corporate notebook with a company logo? What is cheaper - making individual notebooks or buying a finished notebook? What do you need to pay attention to when making a layout to get beautiful notebooks? How to choose a cover for a notebook so that it looks richer? If you are interested in printing on notebooks, we recommend that you read to the end so that you can choose the most beautiful notebook in Kiev and Ukraine.

Notepad -this is a printing product that is used for personal notes, record keeping, for recording quotes or recipes, in short, notebooks are used to record the necessary information.

We produce printing notebooks A6printing notebooks A5 and printing notebooks A4. We are also engaged in the production of exclusive, original, creative and unusual notebooks, such products can be called luxury notebooks. We carry out the production of such notebooks individually according to customer requirements.

Examples of individual notebooks:

  • with ballpoint or VIP pen
  • on the rings
  • with magnetic cover
  • block of black or colored paper
  • leather or leatherette

In such cases, the design of the notebook is very important. If you have a designer, then a lot will depend on him, but if you do not have a designer, our professional designers can take on the design of notebooks. When ordering an exclusive notebook, you will always be distinguished, the status of your company, if it is corporate with the company logo, will be emphasized at the highest level, if it is a gift notebook, then it will be a pleasure for the owner every day.

Standard Notebooksmainly produced in standard formats A6, A5, A4, assembly on a spring or a spiral, it is possible to fasten with a spring along the long or short side, it can also be made on hot-gluing stitching, this option will resemble a mini-catalog and will look like a diary.

Notebook paper is mainly used in this combination: block (these are internal pages) - offset paper 70g /m2, notebook cover mainly from glossy paper with a density of 250 g /m2. Cover sealing can be both on one side or on both sides, depending on block printing notebook without printingsingle color notebook (mostly stripes or square mesh), or full-color single-sided notebook (mainly print in color company logo). By the number of pages, the most common options are 30 sheet notebook or 50 sheet notebook. All these variables respectively affect the price of the product.

Business notebooks or company notebooks with the company logo are perhaps the most popular. Each company wants to be recognizable, to advertise itself without investing a lot of money, it is precisely with this task that a corporate corporate notebook can easily cope. After all, your company’s logo and advertising products will be regularly seen by your customers, and people will often exchange notepads, which will lead to the fact that your corporate notebook will not be with the current client, but with a new potential client.

Notebook Printing we produce offset and digital printing. Even with medium runs for cheap block printing, we use offset printing, which allows us to offer you the cheapest price on notebooks in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

So we have received the answers to which each of you asked yourself questions before the final choice of your beautiful and favorite notebooks.