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One of the most popular types of printing products are brochures. They are multi-page products that are used in marketing for various purposes. In addition to advertising, there are also information and presentation brochures. They are used in many fields of activity and, unlike leaflets and flyers, provide extended information about the company, more clearly introduce potential customers and buyers with goods and services. Therefore, the preparation of brochures must be approached with due care. Products must be high-quality, vibrant, contain clear images, photographs, accessible and understandable information. Such a brochure will certainly attract the attention of customers and encourage the desire to purchase the advertised product.

Printing brochures is another service of the printme.ua online store. We have all the production facilities necessary for high-quality and efficient execution of orders:

  • modern equipment;
  • high-quality materials;
  • professional designers and specialists;
  • various types of printing catalogs and brochures;
  • reasonable prices.

If you are looking for where to print brochure, advertising catalogs or magazines in Kiev, please contact us. You can place an order directly on our website without leaving your home. We guarantee short lead times, high-quality and affordable brochure printing.

Benefits and effectiveness of brochures

Multipage products are used not only in the form of advertising. Brochures are also used as instructions, teaching materials, user guides or reference books. Also, this type of printing is presented as restaurant menus, advertising catalogs and magazines. In addition to widespread use, these products have other advantages:

  • rich variety of design;
  • accessible and clear presentation of information;
  • attractive appearance;
  • the convenience of use.

Brochures, catalogs and magazines are often distributed at exhibitions, presentations, conferences, to familiarize potential customers and partners with the activities of the organization. They are much more effective than e-mails, as the information printed on paper is perceived as more valuable. It’s more pleasant to read brochures and you won’t delete them as easily as email, so they will remind you of your company for some time to come.

Making brochures. Directory Printing Features

Similar products come in various formats, and may also consist of a different number of pages. What the brochure will be depends, first of all, on the purpose of its use. It can be just a brochure, or maybe a magazine and a catalog. The most commonly used formats are A4, A5, A6. The number of pages varies from 8 to 40. Magazines and catalogs can hold up to 160 pages. Before you print a brochure, you must precisely determine its format, page size and print run, as the choice of printing method will depend on this.

Among all existing methods for the production of brochures, offset, digital and copying by risograph are distinguished. These are effective, fast and relatively affordable ways to print brochures, allowing you to get high-quality products in a short time. Each of them has its own characteristics:

  1. Key Benefits digital brochure printing- This is speed, rich and high-quality images. It is used for the manufacture of brochures and catalogs in A4, A5, A6 format. This method is most advantageous to use if it is necessary to produce small runs of 1 to 300 copies. Thick paper is used in the process; the optimal number of pages for digital printing is from 12 to 100.
  2. Offset printing provides the most accurate color reproduction and high detail even of the smallest images. This is a cost-effective method of printing brochures and catalogs with a print run of more than 1,000. Production time will be slightly longer than that of digital catalog printing, but the price is much lower. Offset also provides more opportunities for design ideas, allows you to achieve deep halftones and high-quality printing of the cover of a brochure or catalog.
  3. With runs from 300 to 1000 pieces, the best option for the price will undoubtedly be copying brochures with a risograph. With risography, it is possible to print only in black and white ink, and the print quality of pictures and halftones is significantly worse than the first two types of printing. Duplication is chosen mainly for budget brochures, which do not need perfect quality.

In the manufacture of these products glossy coated paper (115-130 g /m2) is used. If you want to order larger catalogs, materials with a density of 150-350 g /m2 can be used for their manufacture. Depending on your idea, other materials, such as designer cardboard and paper, are also applicable. Pages of brochures, advertising catalogs and magazines can be fastened with brackets, springs, booklet or hot-melt adhesive.

The cost of printing is determined depending on the materials, circulation, format and volume of the product, method and time of manufacture, as well as post-print processing. Becoming a client of the printme.ua online store, you will receive a European level service and the most affordable prices in Kiev for printing brochures, catalogs and magazines.

Our customers ship our products to more than 70 countries. Every day our company produces from 3 to 7 thousand brochures and catalogs.