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In the assortment of the online printing store printme.ua, there is such a product as a booklet. This is a powerful and highly informative advertising tool, without which both small and large enterprises can not do. Booklets are folded several times sheets of various formats. The main goal of the product is to inform potential customers about the services and goods offered. Despite the rapid development of high technologies and media of information transfer, booklets remain relevant and popular printing products. This is not only a great and inexpensive solution for advertising campaigns, but also an effective image tool that emphasizes the corporate style of the organization and enhances brand awareness. With their help, they advertise various new products, promotions, discounts, also booklets are informative and presentation in nature, introduce the consumer to the company’s activities, its advantages and pricing policy. They can be either narrowly focused, exclusive products that are distributed at exhibitions, presentations, conferences, or mass, designed for a wide audience. Such advertising booklets are used in shops, shopping centers, beauty salons, banks, sports complexes and other structures. They position the company as a serious and solid organization, therefore printing booklets today is a popular service.

Advantages and features of advertising booklets

As a rule, such products are made in large quantities, therefore, when printing booklets, it is important to understand that changing the circulation affects the cost of one copy. Production consists of three stages:

  • layout design;
  • selection of materials;
  • printing of booklets.

They are a great solution where flyers or flyers fail. The booklets can be placed much more information and images, while they are convenient to use and do not take up much space. With great advertising effectiveness, their price is very low.

When deciding to print a booklet, follow these guidelines:

  1. The product should be small.
  2. The information in the booklet is presented concisely, clearly and competently.
  3. The appearance of the product should be catchy and colorful.
  4. The booklet contains contact information.

An important role in the effectiveness of an advertising booklet is played by design. Products should be bright and eye-catching. When developing the layout, not only color solutions are taken into account, but also the placement of photos, images, font size and readability. Do not overload the booklet with text, and drawings should be placed so that they do not distract from the information.

You will learn about these and many other product features in the printme.ua printing house, where you will be offered high-quality booklet printing. Our service was created for your convenience, so you can place an order directly on the site. You can also buy booklets online, and we will deliver them as soon as possible.

Booklet Production: Printing and Post-Printing

For the production of one copy, 1 sheet of coated paper is used, so the price of printing booklets is lower than other similar products.

Most commonly used formats:

  1. Mini booklet - 1 sheet 200X200 mm (finished product - 100X200 mm) folded in half. It is used for catchy advertising with a minimum of text.
  2. Eurostandard Eurobooklet. The booklet is made of 210X297 mm paper folded into 2 folds. The size of the finished product is 99X210 mm.
  3. Booklet A5 from sheet A4, 210X297 mm in size, folds in half. It is made on paper of any density, the format of the finished booklet is 148X210 mm. The most popular format, as it is characterized by low cost and ease of use.
  4. the largest format is A4 booklet. It is made on paper A3, 420X297 mm (in finished form - 297X210 mm), bent into 1 fold. Such products provide more detailed information about the company, a list of goods and services.

The paper weight for the production of booklets can be 115g /m2, 130g /m2, 170 g /m2 and 350 g /m2.

Printing is done digital or offset methods. This or that method should be chosen based on the format and circulation of booklets. Digital printing is used in cases where in a short time it is necessary to produce a small print run. For medium and large number of booklets offset printing is suitable. The production of booklets also does not do without such post-printing technologies as:

  • lamination;
  • cutting down;
  • lamination;
  • relief stamping;
  • UV varnishing (full or selective);
  • embossing.

With us you can not only order booklets, but also contact our designers for help in creating layouts. Printme.ua specialists will advise you on the optimal product format, color, fonts, graphics, booklet printing method and post-print finish.

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