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One of the main elements of the organization’s image is letterhead. This is a document template that is provided to customers or partners. Letterheads are informational and reference in nature, as they contain the logo, contact details and bank details of the company. In addition to the many functions of business documentation, it also emphasizes and supports the style of the company.

This type of printing as forms are of several types:

  • general (for execution of orders, protocols, acts);
  • strict reporting;
  • letterhead paper;
  • specific document template;
  • letter form;
  • self-copying blank.

Printing letterheads is of great importance, because their quality demonstrates the level of organization. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful in choosing the company that prints the forms. The online printing store printme.ua guarantees high quality products, prompt execution of orders and an individual approach to customers. It is convenient and profitable to work with us. You can order the printing of forms directly on our website, it will take several minutes. We offer affordable prices for goods and services, in addition, promotions are constantly held in our online store. If you are looking for where to buy letterhead in Kiev, please contact our company.

Features of letterhead printing

This type of printed product, like letterhead, is a standard paper sheet, ranging in size from A3 to A6. Information is applied in one or several colors. Typically, white paper is used to print letterhead. Depending on the corporate style of the company, other color options for light or brighter shades are possible. In the letterhead, you can implement any design decisions, as they are used for printing materials of various textures.

Depending on the size, types and timing of the production of forms, the following printing methods are used:

  1. Offset method - An inexpensive and high-quality type of production used for large runs. Suitable for printing black and white and colorful drawings.
  2. Screen printing is an ideal solution for printing a small number of letterheads, especially one-color and two-color ones. This method imitates watermarks, allows you to apply protective images that will reliably protect against letterhead falsification.
  3. Digital form printing. It is used in cases where it is necessary to produce a small circulation in a short time.
  4. Risography or duplication. Fast and affordable method of printing large-format forms.

The production of letterhead in Kiev is carried out by printme.ua. Becoming our client, you will never have to regret your choice. The printing of forms with us is an affordable price, a European-level service, quick execution and execution of orders. Our experts will carefully listen to all your requirements and wishes, advise on all issues of interest.

Example letterhead "Seal and logo no more than 5%"

Example letterhead "Seal and logo no more than 20%"