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Flyer is the most popular advertising product. This product was invented in Europe, so very often I also call it Euroflyer. But the essence of this does not change, and if you need to conduct a promotion or an advertising company, then you can not do without printing flyers. It so happened that everyone is already used to it, that when they are handed a flyer, it is someone who advertises themselves and this needs to be studied, not thrown away. Of course, a person will throw out or not your leaflet is first of all up to you, because if the eu flyer is not bright, colorful and understandable, the person will simply get rid of it. And if on this leaflet there will be beautiful and clearly arranged information a person will definitely come to you. Remember this when creating a layout or when designing technical specifications for the development of the layout.

Now it remains to find out what type of printing you need? The most common flyers are printed by offset or digital. There are times when a customer may want to print leaflets on designer cardboard, then this is only digital printing.

What is the difference between these two types of printing? How will you determine which flyers are right for you? Next, we will tell you what is different offset flyer printing and digital printing of flyers.

pros Digital print flyers:

  • Prompt printing of flyers (from one hour) during the day
  • Affordable price for flyers with runs up to 500 pieces
  • Printing flyers on designer cardboards (we always have more than 30 types of designer cardboards in stock)
  • Precise color reproduction of business cards and the ability to correct prints

Cons of Digital Flyer Printing:

  • Relatively high price when printing flyers over 1000 pieces

pros Offset printing flyers:

  • Cheap price of flyers for runs of 1000 pieces
  • Photographic print quality flyers

Cons of Offset Flyer Printing:

  • Production time from 3 to 5 working days, depending on post-print processing
  • Possible slight deviations in color rendering due to technological features of prefabricated circulations

We examined the main pros and cons, now you just have to choose the necessary product and follow just a few steps to place an order

To order flyers Online you need only a few actions:

  • Select the type of flyer printing you want.
  • Check your layout for compliance layout requirements.
  • If you do not have a layout - order the production of a layout of a flyer by our professional designers
  • Download the flyer layout in the first step in the basket (pre-add files to the archive)
  • Choose the appropriate flyer delivery method
  • Select a Payment Method

If you have additional questions about creating an order read order creation instructions, we have shown step by step all the stages of placing an online order for flyers.

If you have any further questions, you can contact our managers and solve your questions over the phone.

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