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Today, calendars are much more widely used. Now these are not just products that help you navigate the days of the week, but also effective marketing tools that emphasize the corporate style of the company. Modern calendaring technology allows you to create exclusive printed products, which can be a pleasant souvenir for colleagues, customers or partners. Thanks to a wide range of products of various types, you can buy an original gift to your family and friends. Calendars have been and remain relevant and in demand, as they perform a number of tasks:

  1. Very often in offices you can see calendars with the company logo. This increases the level of the company in the eyes of customers, partners and raises the corporate spirit of employees.
  2. Products also serve as decoration of the office or any room. You can print the calendar in the form of a poster by placing any image on them, including photos.
  3. Also used during negotiations or conferences. It will always be pleasant for partners and potential customers to receive an exclusive calendar that will remind us of cooperation for a long time.

These products are so functional that it is simply impossible to imagine life without them. Therefore, printing calendars is a popular service, as from faceless and boring products, they have turned into works of printing art. In Kiev, this service is also offered by the printme.ua online store. With us you can place an order for calendars online, and we will deliver it as soon as possible. Our experts will help you decide on the design of the product, listen to all your wishes and offer the best printing method. Engaged in the manufacture of calendars, we guarantee a European level of service, strict adherence to your requirements and reasonable prices.

Types and applications of calendars

Of the variety of promotional printing products, calendars are perhaps the most useful. Beautiful, bright and high-quality products will surely take their place on the wall or on the table, and will not be thrown away like a flyer, flyer or booklet. They are used everywhere, since there are a huge number of different types:

  1. Pocket calendar. In modern marketing, these compact and convenient products are used as business cards, discount coupons, subscriptions. Many also use them as bookmarks in a book, weekly or magazine.
  2. Desktop calendars. The most common are loose-leaf or products in the form of "houses". An indispensable attribute in offices, as they are very convenient to use.
  3. Wall mounted. They are produced in the form of posters, posters, as well as calendars with flipcharts for 1 spring. They belong to corporate printing, but today's printing capabilities allow us to produce exclusive products not only with the company logo, but also with any other image. For example, you can present a calendar with a photo of the hero of the occasion, make a thematic gift for Valentine's Day, on March 8 and for any other holiday.
  4. Quarterly calendars. A variety of wall products with 1 or 3 springs. The previous, current and next month are visible on them, therefore accountants, businessmen and managers cannot do without such calendars.

In addition to traditional products, non-standard calendars are very popular. A variety of materials are used to create them, such as wood, glass, leather and fabric. They are distinguished by original author's design and unusual shape.

Designing, manufacturing and printing calendars is a rather complicated process, therefore it is very important to find a reliable contractor. And the online printing store printme.ua is ready to provide you with a full range of services, guaranteeing high quality, thorough and efficient execution of orders, an individual approach and affordable prices.

Features of printing calendars

Depending on the circulation, two methods of printing calendars are used: offset and digital. For more than 500 instances, the first method is the best solution. It allows you to get high quality products, while not overstating the cost of one piece. The quality of digital printing of calendars is not inferior to the offset method, so it is advantageous to use it for the production of a small number of products (up to 300 copies). This method also has such advantages as speed, a huge selection of paper and designer cardboards for printing different densities and textures. Calendars of the A2, A1, A0 format are made by large-format technology. In addition to these formats, the size of calendars varies from the smallest pocket ones (70X100 mm) to larger desktop and wall options (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0).

The image of the company in the eyes of partners and customers depends on the quality of design and printing of a calendar with a logo. Turning to professional designers, you can get an exclusive and original product that you can present as a gift to your colleagues and business partners. Cooperating with printme.ua., You:

  1. Save money because you don’t overpay for urgency and you can place an order for calendars online.
  2. You will not waste your time, since we have all the processes debugged.
  3. Get a European level of service at an affordable cost.
  4. Enlist the support of true professionals who will produce calendars according to your requirements and as soon as possible.
  5. You can use the cumulative system of discounts for every order of calendars.

The price of products depends on the circulation, the selected material, the printing method, the timing of the manufacture and design of the product. Having decided to order calendars from us, you can also request an individual cost calculation. Our experts will be happy to fulfill it and answer all your questions.