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In order to attract attention to the company, to advertise services, goods or current promotions, door plates, also known as hengers, are widely used. This type of printed product is an unusual flyer of a unique format. In shape, a henger resembles a door hook. The flyer is hung on the door handles. Most often they can be seen on store windows, car doors, furniture, display stands, on hangers in fitness centers, etc. A wide range of applications, the ability to realize any design idea, as well as original and affordable presentation of information, made door signs one of the most popular types of advertising. Henger will definitely be noticed and remembered, and in this way you will attract potential customers.

Paper pens are informative, informative and entertaining in nature. With the help of hengers you can:

  • tell people about the activities of your company;
  • inform customers about discounts, promotions and sweepstakes;
  • provide information about new products in the assortment;
  • congratulate customers on an event.

Looking for a company that produces door signs in Kiev? Contact the online printing store printme.ua. Henger printing is another of our services that we offer at an affordable cost. The manufacture of door signs in Kiev is carried out using modern equipment and high-quality materials. Take a look at our website and place your order in a few clicks. We quickly print paper pens, regardless of the circulation and complexity of the order.

Benefits of Hengers

Door plates (Henger) pushed standard flyers and leaflets into the background. People have long ceased to pay attention to them, but the likelihood that the henger will be noticed at least in order to remove it from the door is very high. In addition, if you hang it on a product, buyers are more likely to buy it. In addition, paper pens attract attention not to a specific product, but to a whole display case.

Modern technologies and equipment used to print henger allow you to create high-quality, colorful and unique product that will emphasize your corporate identity and convey information to customers. Convenient to use, bright and original hengers will effectively solve any advertising task:

  • attract visitors and customers;
  • interest the consumer audience;
  • talk about new products, services;
  • will focus on affordable prices, promotions and discounts.

The variety of design decisions is simply amazing - colorful pictures, thematic drawings, photographs, slogans and logos are applied to hengers. The hole in the door plates can be oval, round and curly. It is also possible to develop products of a non-standard size and shape.

Henger printing: features and cost

Door plates are made on glossy coated paper or plain cardboard. Printing images on Hengers can be single or double-sided. Layout format 90x200 mm. Two types of die cutting are available: Outline 1, and Outline 2. The most commonly used printing method for this type of printing is offset. This is an ideal solution for the production of paper pens with a circulation of over 1000 copies. Offset Printing Labels provides full color photographic clarity.

The number of printed sides does not affect the price. The formation of value takes into account:

  • size of hengers;
  • circulation;
  • product complexity;
  • the timing of the manufacture of door signs.

You can make an order for door plates in the printme.ua online store. We offer affordable prices for goods, short production times and guarantee high quality products.

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Визитка PREMIUM 400MT
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Чашка хамелеон красная корпус сердце
Очень необычная и оригинальная чашка! Порадовало качество печати фото на чашке, смотрится круто! Однозначно рекомендую данную услугу и сам буду заказывать еще.
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Заказывал у вас свадебные приглашения с тиснением фольгой, очень красиво все сделали! Наши гости были под хорошими впечатлениями от таких необычных приглашений. Спасибо вашему колективу PrintMe и дизайнеру за проделанную работу для нас!.

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Фирменные бланки
Хочу сказать большое спасибо компании Printme за быстроту выполнения заказов. Очень удобно, доступно, не нужно никуда ехать, не выходя из офиса оформила заказ и через час заказ готов. Отличное качество, фирменные бланки ну ооочень красивые. Спасибо Вам большое!


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Супер оперативная печать флагов! Качество работы очень порадовало, буду рекомендовать вас друзьям. Спасибо!

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Чашка Зебра
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