Цифровая и офсетная печать листовок А4, А3

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Digital printing of leaflets or offset, or maybe printing on a risograph?

Dear customers in this section, we will decide what kind of leaflets are, what type of print is better to choose, what is a leaflet, how to make unique leaflets that will sell your services

To begin with, we still define what Leaflet is - it is a sheet printing product that is used in completely different cases. Very often, our customers ask why the site does not have such sections as, for example: print ads, print postcards, print prices, print abstracts, etc., the answer is very simple - these are the types of leaflets that we have collected in one section with many options for printing. Flyers are often of an advertising nature, because each person or company prints its own advertisement so that people can familiarize themselves with the best offers in detail. Each type of leaflet needs to be very carefully drawn so that in no case does the person who gets the flyer cause it to become boring and misunderstood, because this will instantly lead to the fact that it will simply throw it away or not read it completely. We advise you to pay great attention when creating a layout for your designers or when creating technical specifications for our designers.

Now let's decide which leaflets we can offer you, what is the difference between them, what exactly should you choose if you do not yet have a clear understanding in this matter.

We offer the following types of print leaflets:

If you know what is the difference between offset printing and offset printing, or what is the difference between offset and digital printing of leaflets, you will definitely choose the most suitable option that will allow you to save your money and get exactly the result that will be enough for you to another task. Let us describe the pros and cons of different types of print leaflets.

Digital printing of leaflets, maximum printing format SRA3 (450x320 mm)

Digital printing - This is a modern type of printing, which, thanks to high quality equipment, will allow you to print any order promptly, efficiently and affordably.

In addition to printing, you can also order from us a huge list of post-print processing:lamination, binding to a metal and plastic spring, thermal binding, sheet selection, cutting products on high-precision guillotines, creasing, folding, assembly on a bracket and much more.

Pros of Digital Flyer Printing

  • stable and high print quality
  • it is possible to print small and medium runs and circulations with different contents
  • the possibility of urgent printing of leaflets, brochures or other printing products
  • reasonable price with a circulation of up to 300 pieces

Cons of digital printing:

  • relatively expensive print price for print runs of 300 A3 sheets

Having ordered Digital Printing with us, you will always be confident in the fulfillment of all your orders at the highest level, minimum prices and terms. Thanks to our flexible work schedule, you can print your order even on the Weekend (printing on the day off), and you can also get the print run ordered at the standard price the next morning.

Offset printing of leaflets A4, A3, Offset printing Kiev

Offset printing - This is a technically complex type of printing, which is indispensable if you need to print leaflets in large print runs of 1000 pieces of the same type.

Below we describe the main pros and consoffset printing:

Offset printing advantages:

  • the best and consistently high print quality
  • affordable price of products, but the minimum cost-effective circulation should be at least 1000 sheets of A3 format
  • high-speed printing of large circulations

Cons of offset printing:

  • Minimum order from 1000 pcs. identical products
  • Minimum production time - two working days

Duplication of leaflets on a risograph

Risography is the replication of one type of leaflet in large print runs, while printing is done only in black ink. The print quality is inferior to the two types of printing described above, but for printing announcements, prices, brochures, this is an indispensable type of printing.

Advantages of printing on a risograph:

  • prompt replication of the necessary information, print speed of about 100 A3 sheets per minute
  • Good quality printing of promotional products such as flyers, ads, price lists, brochures
  • cheap printing price for runs from 100 to 5000 sheets
  • it is possible to print on colored papers in pastel and intense colors

Cons of printing on risograph:

  • print quality 600x300 dpi, because of=ideal halftone color rendering is not possible
  • water-based paints, this suggests that paints can be smeared upon contact with water

So we sorted out all types of printing leaflets that we offer you. You just have to decide what is necessary for you andcheckout.

When ordering, be sure to check your layouts for compliance with our layout requirements.

If you do not have a layout, but want to make a layout yourself, be sure to read the practical recommendations on how make flyer design by yourself.

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