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Printing stickers, labels and stickers to order - from 5 UAH.

Among the printed advertising products, stickers are one of the key items. These bright and colorful products are a powerful marketing tool in creating and maintaining the image of any organization. In addition to the advertising function, stickers perform a number of other tasks:

  1. Marking of goods. Labels in this category are printed at a high level, as they are subject to increased requirements. For marking products using barcodes, labels and stickers.
  2. Stickers on cars. They can be both advertising and informational and even humorous.
  3. Stickers on the wall, door or floor. They are used in the trading floors of supermarkets as signs, are informational in nature.
  4. Corporate style support. Most often used by companies and organizations as an additional element to correspondence: glued to envelopes sent to customers or partners.
  5. Stickers on the bottle. They are used to decorate souvenir and gift bottles, for example, from champagne.
  6. Stickers on the laptop. Used for branding personal and corporate laptops.

A wide scope and the ability to bring to life any design idea are some of the main reasons why printing stickers, labels and stickers is so in demand today. And if you are looking for a company that can provide quality service, contact printme.ua. Our online printing store guarantees high-quality production of stickers in a short time. We offer a wide range of products, and our experts will help you determine the choice of goods. In order to order stickers, you don’t even need to leave your home - an order is placed directly on our website in a matter of minutes. All our customers receive a European level of service.

Label Printing Methods

Making labels is a rather complicated technological process. Depending on the materials and circulation, one of the following printing methods is used:

  1. Sticker offset printing. The optimal solution for the production of paper products. The main advantage of this method is its low cost for large runs. Not suitable for labels for durable goods, as paper quickly deteriorates under the influence of light and mechanical factors.
  2. Digital sticker printing labels and stickers. It is used in the production of small runs (up to 1000-2000 pieces).
  3. Sticker Printing widescreen method. Stickers are made on a self-adhesive PVC film (oracle, orajet). The resulting products are easily glued to different types of surfaces, for example, wood, metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, etc. Allows you to print stickers of various formats.

The basis for the production of labels, stickers and stickers is a combination of two different materials: the lower adhesive layer and the upper paper with a pattern that prevents the product from sticking. When printing, either film or paper is used. As a rule, products are made on raflatak or oracal materials with the possibility of subsequent lamination. Labels can be disposable or used several times.

If paper products are easily damaged under the influence of moisture and other factors, then vinyl stickers are characterized by increased stability and a long service life. That is why they are so popular in the field of interior decoration. Beautiful curly wall or door stickers are perfect for decorating a children's room, schools, offices and other rooms.

In order to choose the most optimal way to make stickers, you must accurately determine their type, size and circulation. Printme.ua online store can offer you the following types of products:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • self-adhesive labels;
  • curly products;
  • with plotter cutting;
  • stickers in a roll and sheets.

Regarding the format, we produce products in sizes 90x50mm, 210x100mm, A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, as well as any other non-standard sizes and shapes. You can contact our managers to discuss the details. Having decided to order stickers from us, you can always count on an individual approach and strict observance of your wishes and requirements.

Printing stickers and labels: cost

Factors such as:

  • sticker printing method;
  • circulation;
  • materials used;
  • type of stickers;
  • format.

Our online store offers quality service at the most affordable prices in Kiev. For many manufacturers, the cost of stickers, stickers and self-adhesive labels is often overpriced. Becoming our client, you do not have to overpay for the urgency of the order. In addition, we have introduced a special accumulative system of discounts and bonuses, our company also has regular promotions for popular products. If you are interested in an individual miscalculation of an order, our managers will gladly complete it. We have optimized our website so that you can easily and quickly place an order for the manufacture of stickers in just a few clicks. Online printing store printme.ua. - This is a guarantee of high quality, reasonable prices, a flexible approach to customers, fulfilling orders in a short time and prompt delivery of finished products.

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Фирменные бланки
Быстрая и качественная печать фирменных бланков, замечаний нет. После сотрудничества с вашей типографией остались только положительные эмоции!

Брошюра А4

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Брошюра А4
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Пластиковые карточки
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Визитки Квадратные
Я хотел что-то особенное для моего бизнеса. Двухсторонняя квадратная визитка прекрасно и совсем по-новому воплотила мои самые креативные идеи. Качество печати фантастическое, как и качество бумаги. Я устал от обычных прямоугольных визиток, и вот наконец-то нашел квадратные визитки - они великолепны и уникальны. Отличная работа Printme. Очень доволен качеством своих квадратных визиток. Обязательно закажу снова через Printme.kiev.ua.


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Быстрое изготовление флажков, порадовало и качество печати - очень яркие цвета, отсутствие дефектов и приятная цена.
Чашка с футбольным мячиком на ручке
По работе сотрудничаем с типографией Принтми, ребята проверенные, поэтому решила и от себя лично разместить заказик. Заказала всем мужчинам нашей семьи печать на чашках с футбольным мячом. Радости и восхищения не было предела! Печать на чашках очень красивая, футбольный мяч - это изюминка, рада что выбрала именно эти. Спасибо за быстрое выполнение заказа и качественную работу.