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Very often on store windows, car windows, metro doors and other surfaces, you can see a self-adhesive film with an image and information printed on it. This type of promotional product has become an integral part of large format printing. Due to its properties, self-adhesive has gained wide popularity among advertisers. First of all, it owes high resolution and high-quality images. To date, many types of self-adhesive films are known, but it is the Oracal sticker that occupies a leading position.

Products have a special place not only in advertising, but also in other areas:

  1. Stickers on the oracle for furniture design, interior decoration, decoration of ceilings, walls, etc.
  2. From self-adhesive films stickers, pointers, signs, signs are created.
  3. The Oracal sticker on transport can serve not only as a means of advertising. Having thought over the design and made a quality product, you can create a unique image, emphasize the corporate identity, attract the attention of pedestrians and motorists.
  4. Many companies use stickers on the oracle to create signs and stands. These eye-catching materials are an excellent solution for short-term advertising.
  5. Oracal is also used as packaging for chocolate, ice cream, sweets and other products.

Oracal- This is a separate type of self-adhesive film, which is produced by the German company of the same name. They come in different structures and may have different levels of transparency. Oracal stickers also differ in thickness and ability to scatter light. Products have repeatedly proved their effectiveness and resistance to various negative influences and damage.

That is why printing on the oracle is in great demand:

  1. Oracal stickers are not affected by alkaline and acidic environments, oils and solvents. They perfectly retain their shape, so printing on an oracle in Kiev is an integral service in the field of outdoor advertising.
  2. The service life of the stickers on the Oracle is almost unlimited. For printing on film, solvent ink is often used, which makes advertising media even more durable, allowing them to be used for many years.
  3. Due to its excellent characteristics, Oracal film is one of the most popular materials for large format printing.
  4. Large-format printing on the oracle provides rich and vibrant colors, excellent color reproduction and maximum detail even of the smallest images.
  5. Unlike vinyl, Oracal film printing has a wider scope. Self-adhesive material, which greatly simplifies the process of advertising, and saves time.
  6. High speed stickers production in Kiev. The use of self-adhesive films minimizes the production process.

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Types of self-adhesive films. Features of printing on oracle

Oracal stickers are available in several types, each of which has different characteristics:

  1. Glossy and matte self-adhesive. Printing on the first form of oracle is more in demand, thanks to a perfectly flat surface that reflects light.
  2. Stickers come in different levels of transparency. Transparencies are used in printing to create complex advertising compositions. They perfectly transmit light. If you want to emphasize images with additional illumination, in this case, printing on an opaque film is used.
  3. Sealing and transport stickers Oracal. The first type is applicable as an outdoor advertising medium, the second is used in the field of branding of vehicles.
  4. Reflective and reflective self-adhesive. The former are characterized by a unique ability to synthesize light inside the products during the day, due to which they can "glow" in the dark. With their help, the manufacture and printing of self-adhesive warning plates and signs is carried out. Reflective films are used for large format printing of road signs and advertisements designed for placement on the roadway.

Despite the wide variety of self-adhesive films, Oracal materials are the most commonly used. Depending on the conditions of use and advertising purposes, self-adhesives are available in several series. The most common Oracal films are:

  1. Series 8500 is a translucent translucent matte film. Printing on this oracle is used to create luminous advertising. Self-adhesive is characterized by a high degree of resistance to environmental influences and aggressive chemicals. The duration of operation is 7 years, while during use the appearance practically does not change.

  2. Oracal 551. Printing stickers in Kiev using this film is made for advertising on public transport. It is distinguished by resistance to ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations. Oracal stickers are available in 70 colors (68 glossy options). Service life - from 4 to 7 years.

  3. Oracal 641 - elastic self-adhesive with a glossy or matte structure.

  4. Oracal 832 is a transparent or metallized self-adhesive film. It is applicable for all known printing technologies, but the most budget option is large-format printing on an oracle.

  5. Cast PVC film is called Oracal 951. The manufacture of these stickers in Kiev is relevant if you want to create an application. They have an elastic structure, are presented in 97 colors, can be used on different surfaces. Service life is 10-12 years.

  6. Printing on 970 Series film is done if the material will be used under heavy loads. Even at temperatures from -50 to +110 ° C, the Oracal 970 stickers practically do not deform, do not lose their external qualities and can last for 10 years.

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