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Styling for painting is becoming the most popular, as a regular photo can not always convey the fullness and beauty of the image. With the development of modern technology and a variety of printing methods, today it became possible to transfer any image, whether it be a photo or a picture, onto a canvas. Thus, you will give your beloved pictures a new life, you can post them for general viewing, decorating the interior with a beautiful and original element. Also, a photo on canvas will be a great present for any holiday. Printing pictures is a more economical alternative to real painting, while the image on the canvas will look just as expensive and solid. Existing printing techniques allow you to transfer drawings to any material, preserving the color scheme, clarity of detail and depth of shades. In addition, when working with canvases, you can create a truly original and unique product, such as a modular picture or photo collage.

Printing on canvas in Ukraine is offered by many companies, so it is very important to choose a reliable and responsible manufacturer who will treat your order with due attention. One of these is the online printing store printme.ua, which offers photo printing services on canvas, and makes paintings to order in Kiev. We work with both natural and artificial materials, we carry out orders of any volume and complexity. It doesn’t matter how the photo was taken on the phone or camera, the pictures transferred to the canvas will retain their brightness and saturation. We carry out thorough pre-press preparation, and also advise clients on all matters of interest.

Photos and paintings on canvas: application

Traditional photos, which until recently were stored in albums, faded into the background. They were replaced by photos on electronic media, and the storage location is social networks. Despite this, printing on canvas in Kiev is becoming more and more popular, as many would like to have not only a really successful shot, but also an original product that emphasizes individuality. In addition, photos and paintings printed on this material are widely used for advertising purposes, as souvenir products, as well as in the field of interior decoration. More and more designers are resorting to printing on canvas to decorate the walls with beautiful images. They have the same quality and aesthetic characteristics as the paintings, but are much more durable and more affordable. Photos on canvas have a lot of advantages:

  1. Ability to print on canvas of any size. Depending on your ideas and wishes, you can place the resulting product on almost any surface. Also, using a photo on canvas, you can create a beautiful applique and collage.
  2. Unlike standard photos, a picture on canvas does not have to be framed. Such products practically do not deform and are not damaged when dropped.
  3. Canvas is a wear-resistant and durable material, so the photos printed on it will last for many years.
  4. Canvas painting - An ideal option for the decoration of exquisite interiors. They can be made in any color scheme and size. Such a product will become that beautiful accent that will give the interior completeness, comfort and charm.
  5. Modular canvas painting - unsurpassed design style of decoration of any premises and interiors. Various options and the number of modules will suit any style and wishes of the client.

Stages of printing on canvas and cost

Such material as canvas requires special treatment, so it undergoes some preparation before printing a photo or picture. Also, the production process involves the use of different types of paints and post-print processing methods. Ready-made photographs or paintings on canvas can be additionally coated with varnish or gel, which protect the surface and give aesthetics. Printing takes place in several stages:

  1. To achieve high resolution, you need to prepare a slide with an image.
  2. Photo or picture, if necessary, indulge in prepress.
  3. Direct printing of a photo or picture on canvas.
  4. Next, the canvas with the printed image is pulled onto a stretcher.
  5. Products are decorated with acrylic or oil paints, as well as using the "crackle" technique.
  6. Drawing a protective coating on the canvas with a photo or picture.
  7. The final stage is the decor of the frame.

As a rule, the work does not take much time, so orders for printing on canvas are completed in a short time.

As for the price, it develops taking into account the following factors:

  • printing materials used (natural or synthetic canvas);
  • canvas density;
  • design and prepress processing of a slide with a photo or picture;
  • finished product size - sample canvas or individual canvas;
  • type of canvas stretch on a stretcher, decor;
  • urgency of printing on canvas.