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Among all existing types of advertising media, posters occupy a special place. For many years of use, such outdoor advertising has established itself as one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of a wide audience of consumers. A bright and colorful poster will not only tell about the upcoming event, a new product or promotion, but for a long time will maintain interest in it. Also, posters are used as:

  • presentation materials at conferences, exhibitions, seminars;
  • advertisements for concerts, performances, premier films;
  • political campaigning during elections, etc.

In addition to advertising and information, posters perform entertainment and design functions. Many people still are not averse to decorating the walls of their room with posters depicting their favorite actors, musicians or athletes or posters with natural landscapes and other images.

The manufacture of this printing product is a whole art that combines photography and painting, so the printing of posters should be at a high level, using modern equipment and high-quality materials. If you are looking for where to order a poster in Kiev, contact the printme.ua online store. We are engaged in the production of a wide range of products using various printing methods. We offer affordable prices, guarantee high quality, individual approach and prompt production of custom-made posters.

Printing posters and posters: methods and features

Not a single event can do without posters and posters, be it a concert, a performance, the opening of a new institution or the election of a mayor. Since their main task is to attract a wide audience, the products must be of high quality, beautiful, bright and original. They are designed for long-term use, so it is very important to choose the right materials and the way to print posters. Depending on where the poster will hang (indoors or outdoors), paper of different weights is selected. Expensive and stylish advertising will certainly attract attention and emphasize the brand image, so the images should remain bright and colorful as long as possible, be resistant to external factors. Also of great importance when choosing a particular method of printing posters and posters is the circulation and format of the products. Based on this, the following methods are used:

  1. Offset poster printing. Designed for the manufacture of large runs - from 1000 copies. This method provides the most colorful and vivid images, excellent clarity of even the smallest details.
  2. Digital printing of posters. It is used in the production of small runs.
  3. Large format printing. The best option for the production of posters in the format A2 (420X594 mm), A1 (594X841 mm) or A0 (841X1189) in small runs from 1 to 100 pieces. Also suitable for printing posters and posters over 600x840mm.

In addition to the above product sizes, standard A4 (210X297 mm) and A3 (297X420 mm), there are also advertising formats such as citylight or lightbox (1.2X1.8 m), as well as billboards (3X6 m).

Poster Design. Custom Posters

Another important factor determining the effectiveness of posters is design. It is the original images, their placement on the poster, that will make the presentation of information the most convenient, and advertising - the most effective.

When developing a design, it is necessary to use a color scheme that attracts attention, and the text of the slogans should be large and legible. Your poster or poster should stand out against other advertising materials next to it. It is better to entrust such an important task to professionals who will select the most suitable format, paper weight, printing method and are seriously suitable for the production of posters. It is such specialists who work at printme.ua, where you can buy posters in Kiev. Having decided to place an order for posters in our online store, you will appreciate the benefits of working with us:

  • receiving orders 24/7 without queues and time limits;
  • the most affordable price for poster printing in Kiev;
  • operational execution of orders;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • strict compliance with requirements;
  • high-quality printing of posters and posters on modern equipment;
  • no overpayments for urgency of the order;
  • permanent stocks;
  • cumulative discount system.

On our website you can quickly find the products you need or leave your order for posters in a few clicks. Just download the finished layout or contact our designers who will develop an original concept for you. You can also view information about the cost of our goods and services. If you want to buy posters of non-standard formats and you are interested in individual pricing, our managers will gladly complete it.

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