Печать пластиковых и дисконтных карт Киев

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The online printing store printme.ua offers a wide range of products. One of the directions of our activity is the production of plastic cards. Having wide production capabilities, we guarantee prompt and high-quality execution of orders. The production of plastic cards is carried out on modern, high-quality equipment, using different types of paper. The choice of printing method is selected depending on the purpose of the plastic card. Having decided to buy plastic cards of our production, you will never regret your choice.

Technology does not stand still, so every day there are more and more ways to store information. One of these are plastic cards, which can be divided into personal and corporate cards. Also, depending on the purpose, the following types of products are made:

  1. Discount cards. At the moment, they are one of the most popular. Discount cards provide discounts and bonuses to customers, for example, in stores, during the campaign. In the service sector, they act as a powerful marketing tool for attracting and convenient customer service.
  2. Bank or payment cards. These are plastic cards for personal use, the owner of which has the opportunity to pay non-cash for goods and services.
  3. Club plastic card. In fact, it is a business card of various institutions, for example, elite clubs, fitness centers or restaurants.
  4. Contactless cards. They are smart memory cards. They are used to protect information resources and access control in the organization.
  5. Identification. The so-called identification cards store data such as last name, first name and middle name and personal photo of the owner. They indicate the validity period, there may also be special marks, numbers and other information.

A wide range of applications, ease of use, security and the ability to display various information are the main reasons for the demand for the production of plastic cards.

Plastic Card Production: Product Types

On the site printme.ua you can place an order for plastic cards in a few clicks. Our experts will manufacture products in a short time, regardless of circulation. When placing an order for printing plastic cards, you will need to specify information on the required number of products, color of plastic (white, gold or silver), lamination (matte or glossy), the need to personalize cards and other requirements.

The manufacture of plastic cards has a number of features. An important stage of production is personalization, which occurs through:

  1. Magnetic strip, which increases the protection of a plastic card and allows its subsequent use for servicing in ATMs and electronic readers.
  2. Barcode. Coded information is applied by strokes to the surface of plastic cards. It is read by a special scanner.
  3. Embossing. It is a process of manufacturing plastic cards by embossing by hand or electric embosser, followed by coloring the received information in different colors.
  4. Numbering - displays alphanumeric data on plastic discount cards.
  5. Scratch coatings - transfer to the card an opaque protective strip that hides secret information.

The price of the product and the lead time will depend on the chosen method of personalizing a plastic card.