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Banner manufacturing services are very popular, as this type of advertising product is one of the most effective for attracting potential customers. In addition, they are easy to use, the process of installing banners is often easier than other advertising structures, and they are also affordable. The term of their use is almost unlimited - having made the products, you can be sure that they will not lose their relevance and original appearance for a long time. Banners are suitable for both outdoor and indoor advertising: in either case, they will work equally effectively. With their help, you can notify consumers about current promotions, upcoming events and events. Images are applied to the banner using large format printing, which provides high resistance to environmental influences and damage. Colors remain bright and saturated for a long time, continuing to attract attention to your company, its products and services.

Production of advertising banners - A fairly simple process that allows you to quickly produce a large number of products. Products are of several types:

  • Cast banner 460g /m2 - banner fabric for indoor and outdoor use, single-sided printing 4 + 0, tear-resistant, durable, resistant to low temperatures. Installation of eyelets through 30cm or 40 cm. Service lines up to 5 years.
  • Laminated banner 440g /m2 - a seamless flexible banner made of laminated PVC, less durable, single-sided printing 4 + 0, a relatively cheap advertising medium, ideal for indoor and outdoor use with low stress, installed on small lines. Installation of eyelets through 30cm or 40 cm.
  • Mesh Mesh 270g /m2 - banner perforated fabric. It is mainly located on the facades of buildings in which there are windows, so that daylight fully enters the room.
  • Holder - This is an advertisement in the form of a molded banner, which is mounted on a metal structure and is mainly placed above the road, on poles on both sides.
  • PVC sign - durable, has an average weight, it is easy to transport and install. This is a great option for long-term indoor use and short-term outdoor use. Application in trade and office premises, halls for concerts and exhibitions, decoration of stands, signs and original plates.
  • UV printing on plastic- This is a direct UV print on plastic. Durability, rich, vibrant images. It is mainly used for signs of outlets, nameplates, information signs, menu plates, direction indicators and much more.
  • Banner banner - this is one or two-sided banner fabric, this type of signage tends to move in the wind. However, using a stretch banner frame prevents any unwanted movements or creases! Simply attach the edges of the sign to the included tensioning equipment.
  • BrandWall, BrandWall, PressWall - This is a structure consisting of metal pipes and a large banner ad banner attached to it. Such stands are used as the background for photography, photo sessions or as PressWall (Press Wall), Brand Wall (Brand Wall) for presentations, press conferences.
  • Roll UP, Roll AP - This is a mobile stand with a reinforced aluminum case and solid aluminum legs with stiffeners on which a large-format cast banner is attached.
  • Double sided banner.Material with the ability to print on both sides. Used inadvertising holders,which are installed over the road. Double-sided banner printing allows you to receive 2 advertising spaces that will work on both sides of the road.
  • 3x6 meter poster for big board -4 + 0 wide format single-sided printing on BlueBack paper. Print posters for outdoor advertising, which are placed on metal street structures.

Printing on banner fabric, placing information on similar designs, allows us to solve not only advertising, but also image-building tasks. High-quality material with a beautiful, rich and vivid image will create the impression of a solid and serious company that pays attention to marketing and promotion of its products. Large and small enterprises often request banners to order in Kiev, so it is very important to find a reliable manufacturer.

The online printing store printme.ua offers services for the production of advertising banners and high-quality printing. We have modern equipment that allows us to quickly produce products. Even urgent banner printing will be made as soon as possible. Becoming our client, you will receive a European level service, an individual approach, strict compliance with your requirements and, of course, high-quality full-color banner printing at an affordable price. Our experts are also ready to assist in the preparation and design of the layout, so you are guaranteed to get a unique advertising product. The original banner expressing the corporate identity of the company will certainly take your activities to a new level.

Features of the manufacture of banners. Banner printing technology

The decision to order a banner that is attractive to a wide audience will allow not only to acquire effective advertising, but also significantly save money. By hanging it in an appropriately selected place, you will make your brand more recognizable and will be able to increase the level of profit from the sale of goods and services.

Making banners, printing images and necessary information is only half the planning of an advertising campaign. In order for the design to be as effective as possible, banners should be placed in a place with good visibility and high traffic. It should also be borne in mind that depending on the size, texture of the materials used and the type of product, a certain type of print is selected. Before ordering a banner in Kiev, you must clearly determine your wishes and requirements.

Features of the manufacture of various types of banners:

  1. Laminated banner is made using high-strength banner fabric, the density of which varies from 360 to 440 g /m2. This option is most suitable for outdoor advertising. In addition, the laminated banner is easily mounted on any surface.
  2. Printing of cast banners is used for the production of large-format advertising that exceeds the width of the roll. The print width can be up to 3.2 m in the whole pattern. The density of the material used is selected depending on where the banner will be located, and varies from 360 to 510 g /m2. Print quality can also be different - from 360 to 1440 dpi.
  3. For the manufacture of structures of especially large sizes, a banner mesh is used. The cellular structure reduces the weight of the banner, the product itself withstands wind loads, without the effect of "sail". In this case, large format printing on banner fabric with a density of 360 g /m2 is used. Print quality is 360dpi.
  4. Duplex printing on the banner is available in a maximum quality of 1440dpi.

The production of banners involves not only the manufacture and printing, but also preparation for the installation of products. You can install structures on eyelets with a diameter of 10 mm, with a step of 30-50 cm, pre-installed in the product. Also, the banner can be glued to the image, if it consists of several parts. They are overlapped with a special glue. Sizing a banner is also possible at the office, with reinforcing the edges of the structure under the eyelets. And in order to make the bottom of the banner heavier, to pull and align the canvas, a pocket (10 cm) is used, which is reinforced with reinforcement or a pipe.

To order a banner in Kiev, use the online ordering service on the site printme.ua. Our experts will promptly respond to your request and will contact you to discuss details. Production of advertising banners, as well as printing on banner fabric are made on modern equipment and at affordable prices. The cost of the order depends on the size of designs, format, materials used, printing technology, number of banners and urgency. If you are interested in an individual price calculation, we are always ready to fulfill it.

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