Брошюровка, переплет, сшивание документов на пружину и скобу

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Creating multi-page printing products consists of several stages. Stapling documents is one of the most important stages before the release of finished products. Pages are connected using booklet or binding. The difference between these two processes is the thickness of the resulting product and the availability of correctly executed output data. Brochure not only gives the printed products a finished look, but also makes it convenient to use. There are several ways to staple documents in which various materials can be used. The choice of a particular binding method mainly depends on the volume of the product. Pages are bonded to each other either in a copybook or leafy way. The second option is cheaper, but products fastened with the tetrad method are more durable.

Booklet services in Kiev are offered by online printing house printme.ua. Our employees will select the most optimal way to bind documents, and your order will be completed as soon as possible. Printing and binding products are carried out on modern equipment, using high-quality and durable materials.

Brochure of documents: methods and materials

Today, many areas of business use multi-page printing products. Their main tasks are to familiarize consumers with the activities of the company, attract potential customers and create a corporate image. It is very important that the products are of high quality, aesthetic and comfortable. Therefore, not only the manufacture and printing of printing, but also the stitching of documents deserves due attention. Brochure is used for the following types of products:

  • Magazines
  • directories
  • albums
  • company notebooks;
  • business plans;
  • accounting documents;
  • menus and others.

Brochure is carried out for small documents (5-50 sheets). Typically, such materials do not imply prolonged use. At the same time, the service life of the products can be extended due to the correctly selected stitching method. The most common are:

  1. Brochure on the spring. It implies the use of both plastic and metal springs. The first option is suitable for binding documents with a volume of 15 to 450 sheets. Brochure on a metal spring is characterized by increased strength, but has limitations in volume - up to 120 sheets. Unlike binding with a plastic spring, in this case there is also no possibility to add or remove individual sheets from the block.
  2. Staple documents together with a paper clip. It is applied to brochures, booklets and catalogs no more than 50 sheets. It consists in creating a block of sheets folded in half, which are stitched with staples from the side of the spine.
  3. Brochure for bolts. This design option for stapling documents used for gift photo albums and corporate catalogs.
  4. The mechanism with rings. Type of binding of documents in which sheets are fastened with chrome split rings with a diameter of 14-75 mm. It is used for publications up to 5 cm thick, it allows you to fully open products, add and replace sheets.

Our company can offer you a binding with a plastic spring, as well as binding on a metal spring.

Book brochure

Binding documents is a broader concept than binding. This process involves the manufacture of bulk printing products of mass distribution, for example, books. Such products are intended for long-term use, therefore, they require high-quality, strong and durable binding. This process is often combined with artistic and decorative design.

Binding can be hard and soft (hot glue). The second option is simpler and cheaper - stitching of documents is carried out by a seamless method, using hot melt adhesive. The process takes place on special machines and devices, and takes from 5 to 15 seconds. This method of book binding is relevant for mass production.

The procedure for creating a hardcover is much more complicated, so the price of such a booklet is much higher. The production process requires certain knowledge, skills and special materials. Hardcover gives the publication a presentability and increases the cost of the product itself.

Printing and binding are the main activities of the printme.ua online store. We offer our customers affordable prices, quality products, as well as prompt execution of orders taking into account all requirements and wishes.