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Offset printing is the most optimal medium and large print production method. Its advisability is the low cost of one copy. Offset printing is a traditional technology that is developing every year, bringing the process to perfection. It occupies a leading position among existing printing methods due to its high quality products, excellent reproducibility of small drawings and excellent color reproduction. With its help, a wide range of advertising and representative products is manufactured:

  • booklets;
  • brochures;
  • directories
  • Posters
  • Posters
  • calendars
  • postcards;
  • notepads and more.

The basic principle of offset printing is to transfer the image from the printing plate to the intermediate rubber shaft. Then the picture is printed directly on the material. A standardized and automated production process ensures high accuracy in the placement of drawings and further operations.

Printing house printme.ua offers offset printing services at an affordable price. Production of printing products is carried out on modern and high-quality equipment using durable materials. Having all the necessary production facilities, we guarantee prompt execution of orders, colorful and clear images, strong and durable products.

Features of offset printing

Offset production consists of three main stages:

  1. Prepress It consists in the creation of color-separated photo forms and permanent printing forms.
  2. The resulting forms are applied on a printing machine.
  3. Next, offset printing is performed directly.
  4. Post printing process. At this stage, the processing of printed products is carried out. This can be folding, cutting, varnishing, creasing, stitching, leaf picking, etc.

Preparation costs are transferred to the entire circulation, therefore, the larger the number of products, the cheaper the unit will cost. Thus, offset printing is the most cost-effective when ordering over 1000 products. The resulting image consists of many small dots called raster dots. Offset printing allows you to get high quality prints and high detail. In addition, it allows you to use a wide range of materials, such as a carbon copy, offset, newsprint, book paper, as well as Kraft paper. Full color offset printing uses 4 colors. The production process proceeds according to a strictly defined model. The standardized color (pantone) is kneaded and printed separately.

Like any other technology, except for the obvious advantages, sheet-fed offset printing has some disadvantages:

  1. Time and financial costs for prepress.
  2. The inability to adjust the layout after the production of forms.
  3. Unprofitability of offset printing at small circulations (less than 500 A3 copies).

With a small number of copies, as well as with urgent orders, it is advisable to use a different type of printing.

Offset Printing Cost

The lead time for offset printing is longer than for digital manufacturing. This is due to pre-press preparation, as well as to drying the paper after printing, which also somewhat delays the process. Therefore, if you decide to order offset printing, you must clearly determine your expectations and choose between saving money and the urgency of making the entire print run. The cost of offset printing is the sum of the costs of the preparatory process, the amount of paper and the price of materials, the cost of laying and other expenses. In any case, the managers of the printme.ua online store will notify you of all possible costs, will make an individual cost calculation.

We offer the following services:

If you are interested in offset printing in Kiev and you are looking for a reliable contractor, please contact us. Becoming our customer, you will receive quality products at affordable prices. You do not have to overpay for urgency, you can also use the cumulative system of discounts and buy goods on stock. We also have special rates for the delivery of products to anywhere in the country. Checkout takes place right on the site in a few clicks. We guarantee that offset printing will take place with strict observance of your requirements and wishes.