Ризограф, печать и тиражирование на ризографе

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For the manufacture of the same type of printing products in large runs is idealprinting on risograph. This method is also known as replication, as it implies the production of identical copies in accordance with the original layout. Also, this printing method is called risography. It appeared in 1980, when the Japanese company Rizo created a special device for high-quality mass copying - a risograph. Today it is used around the world for the replication of documents and products such as:

  • business cards;
  • labels;
  • stickers;
  • brochures;
  • leaflets;
  • envelopes.

Usually, risography services are resorted to in cases where the clarity of the image does not matter much. In addition to products with a small amount of text and images, the risograph is used in the production of manuals, instructions, scientific manuals, contracts and other products.

The online printing house printme.ua carries out orders of various volumes, manufacturing products in both small and large print runs. If you need risography services in Kiev, please contact us. We carry out the replication of leaflets and other products as soon as possible.

The cost of printing on risography depends on the number of products - the larger the circulation, the lower the price of one print. Our employees are always ready to perform an individual calculation for you.

Features of printing on risograph

The risograph is a special printing apparatus for replicating leaflets and other letterhead products. Its use can significantly save money that could be spent on offset equipment. Risograph services should be resorted to in cases where a circulation of 50 to 10,000 documents is necessary, and the clarity of images and photographs is not important. This device combines all the advantages of screen printing:

  • transferring images to paper of any density;
  • creating a full color picture;
  • high-quality text printing;
  • short production times.

Rhizographs are drum and tablet, which differ from each other by the principle of scanning. In the first case, the original layout is pulled through the reading unit, the second is very similar to the usual photocopier - the original layout is placed on the glass, and the reading unit moves below. It is more difficult to work with a drum risograph, since the paper should be perfectly even and smooth. Many people confuse a tablet device with a photocopier, but in fact it combines the characteristics of an offset machine and a copier.

Risography allows you to print about 120 copies per minute. The principle of operation is to scan the original layout and the subsequent manufacture of a printing form transferring the image to paper. The required number of copies is set manually on the electronic remote control. It is important to note that the risograph will not print the same sharp image as on the original - the so-called "graininess" will be present on the copies, which is caused by the holes on the master film. Therefore, risography is best used for printing texts.

Risography: prices, materials used and advantages

Replication on the risograph has a number of features that are also expressed in the materials used for this printing method. In the manufacture of circulation, only cardboard and paper are used. The density of materials is 70-80g /m2 and is used when copying leaflets, documents, business cards, covers, labels and other products. The use of less dense materials can cause the paper to wrinkle and curl, and cause paper jams in the risograph. Also, materials are limited in structure - risography is not suitable for working with glossy or coated paper, since the paint dries on them very slowly and spreads. Ink for risography is sensitive to high temperatures, in the heat they become very liquid and spread.

In addition to saving money and time, printing on a risograph has many other advantages over other methods:

  1. Environmental friendliness. The risograph does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, and the materials used are safe for human health.
  2. Urgency. Risography, like digital printing, refers to the type of operational printing.
  3. High performance. The risograph is able to work for a long time without a break, print huge print runs of several thousand copies.
  4. Multicolor printing. Color risographs are capable of transmitting up to 36 colors. Color change during replication is easily carried out by replacing the printing cylinders.
  5. Affordable cost. The larger the circulation, the lower the price of one print.

Services of risography, duplication of leaflets and other documents in Kiev are offered by online store of printing products printme.ua. We carry out orders of any volume, urgency and guarantee high quality products.

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