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The online printing store printme.ua offers large format printing services in Kiev. We carry out orders for the production of banners, posters, brandmauers, as well as produce large format printing on materials such as plastic, wood, glass,adhesive tape. With modern equipment and high-quality raw materials, we carry out orders of any volume and complexity. Having placed an order on our website, you can be sure that you will receive finished products on time. In addition to large-format printing, we also provide prepress and post-printing services: cutting, laminating, etc. Our experts will help you with the layout, advise on the most optimal size and format of products, and advise on all your questions.

Large format (interior) printing allows you to achieve maximum clarity of images. It has found its application in the field of advertising services and interior design. Products made using this technology are suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors. Higher quality requirements are presented for large-format images, since they should only make a positive impression, interest potential buyers and emphasize the image of the company. In addition, they must be environmentally friendly, not harmful to human health and the environment. Taking into account all the requirements, our printing house produces large format printing on high-tech equipment.

Equipment and materials for large format printing

The technology is also known as plotter printing, because the production process is carried out using a digital, inkjet printer-plotter. High-quality image transfer occurs due to solvent, environmentally friendly ink. Plotter printing allows you to get images with a resolution of 720 to 1440dpi.

One of the types of production of large format products is solvent printing. It occupies a leading position in the market of advertising services, with its help banners, posters and stickers on billboards are produced. This is an excellent solution not only for outdoor advertising, but also for interior and decorative works. The popularity of large format solvent printing is due to the following advantages:

  • affordable price;
  • image stability to climatic and mechanical influences;
  • long service life of products;
  • bright and saturated colors;
  • smooth transition of shades;
  • lack of need for preliminary preparation and the subsequent additional processing.

Printing on a plotter with water-soluble ink differs from solvent printing and the type of ink used. In the first case, water-soluble dyes are used. They are unpretentious to the material of the product and affordable. Ink is resistant to various negative factors and does not require additional protective equipment. Ink for solvent printing can be low-solvent and eco-solvent. Also for large format printing pigment dyes are used. Their structure is more complex, they are a suspension of compounds of small particles of colored inorganic pigment in the polymer. They are odorless, safe for health and the environment, and the resulting images are of high, almost photographic quality.

Depending on the wishes of the customer, printme.ua specialists will produce large format printing on:

  • A1 paper and other formats;
  • cardboard;
  • print on canvas;
  • tissue;
  • banner;
  • film;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • glass.

No matter what type of print you need, A1 or large format, our printing house in Kiev will urgently fulfill an order, regardless of circulation or complexity.

Features of large format printing

Like any technology, large format printing, whether it is ultraviolet or solvent, has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Each of the types implies the use of certain materials, which differ in cost, require special conditions and processing. The drawback of plotter printing is that images may fade over time. To prevent this, it is necessary to use paper with a special coating. Also, the cost of consumables is not cheap.

In the case of the solvent, problems can arise when products need to be used repeatedly. In addition, solvent printing is not suitable for matte patterns, as it does not eliminate light glare. If fabric is used for large-format printing, then it cannot be folded, since images made with solvent-based paints quickly deteriorate. Also, the strong and sharp smell of materials, which is transmitted to images obtained by large format solvent printing, can be attributed to the minuses of this technology.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of this method is the high cost of urgent printing of large print runs and sizes. Our experts will listen to all your requirements and wishes, and will surely select the most suitable way for large format printing in terms of price and quality.

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Плакаты не стандартные

January 30, 2018 10:04
Плакаты не стандартные
Заказал печать плакатов онлайн. Не думал что это так удобно. Ребята обработали заказ быстро, спасибо что откорректировали мои макеты. Плакаты получились очень красивыми. Качество отличное. Теперь буду печататься только у Вас. Рекомендую.
Плакат А3 печать от 500 шт.
Заказывал печать постеров, отличное качество,цвета яркие, изготовили быстро. Спасибо!

футболка ACM logo , черная

March 19, 2020 11:08
футболка ACM logo , черная
хорошее качество и принт, полученой футболкой доволен! планирую заказывать ещё
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Спасибо Вам за яркие и привлекательные объявления. Моя акция получилась очень результативной. Спасибо за подсказку в выборе бумаги! Удачи Вам и до скорых встреч

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October 23, 2018 16:13
Плакат А0 (бумага Сити)
Спасибо вам за качественно выполненную работу! Плакаты очень понравились, краски яркие, качество бумаги хорошее!

Фирменные бланки

May 28, 2019 11:32
Фирменные бланки
Быстрая и качественная печать фирменных бланков, замечаний нет. После сотрудничества с вашей типографией остались только положительные эмоции!