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The principle of inkjet technology is to apply droplets of ink to paper. In other words, the image is formed by points. Inkjet technology is designed to solve a wide variety of problems, therefore it is divided into these three types:

  1. Piezoelectric printing. This technology consists in the effect of an electric field on the nozzle, due to which ink is supplied.
  2. Bubble Inkjet Printing. Ink is in a special microscopic heater, which is affected by an electric field. Because of this, the ink boils until air bubbles form.
  3. Thermal inkjet printing. The principle of this method is similar to bubble-jet, but the printer's heating elements are integrated behind the nozzles.

The main advantage of inkjet technology is high print quality at minimal cost. This technology is more attractive for home use due to the relative cheapness of printers. With its help, you can print small volumes of texts, as well as color images and photographs.

Advantages and disadvantages of inkjet technology

Inkjet printing is one of the most affordable, therefore it is successfully used in professional printing, home conditions and in offices. With its help, you can create a diverse assortment of printing products, for example:

  • Photo;
  • advertising and souvenir products;
  • geographical maps and technical documentation (CAD, GIS).

However, the resulting image may have a slight discrepancy with the specified color and poor color accuracy. But this problem can be solved with additional light ink. In addition, the owners of some inkjet printers are faced with the problem of drying ink with rare use of the device.

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