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There are many methods for producing and printing promotional and souvenir products. It is very important that the products have a presentable appearance and fulfill their main functions as long as possible, namely, attracting customers and creating a corporate image of the company. Qualitative should be not only the products themselves, but also the images applied to them. One of the technologies, which has an excellent value for money, is sublimation printing (graverton). It allows you to transfer black and white and multi-color images to a wide variety of materials. Sublimation printing as clearly as possible conveys even the smallest details and halftones. Depending on the material, graverton technology produces a wide range of products:

  • sublimation on fabric: T-shirts, caps, T-shirts and other branded clothing with a logo, slogan, pattern, as well as flags, banners, pennants, flags;
  • sublimation printing on metal: plates, pointers, coats of arms, award diplomas, certificates, letters of appreciation;
  • graviton on ceramics and glass: glasses, glasses, cups, mugs, thermoses, plates;
  • sublimation on cardboard, plastic, stone: mats for computer mice, puzzles, key chains, cigarette cases, cameras, flash drives, bonfires (coasters for mugs and glasses).

Online store of printing products printme.ua offers sublimation printing services (graverton) in Kiev. You can buy various goods from us, and also make an order for the production of products.

Features and types of sublimation printing

The principle of sublimation is the transition of paint from a solid state immediately to a gaseous one, bypassing the liquid. This effect is achieved through various heating technologies. All operations take place on a color inkjet printer, using special inks and on special paper, with the subsequent drawing of a picture on a workpiece or previously prepared material. The technology has a number of certain limitations:

  1. Sublimation is possible only on synthetic fabrics - the higher the polyester content, the more colorful and better the pattern will come out.
  2. The base color of the product should be white, since sublimation printing is not possible on already painted or colored surfaces.

There are two types of technology graverton - direct and intermediate sublimation printing. The first option is used to work with textiles in rolls, with its help flags, tablecloths, curtains are made. The drawing is transferred to the finished product, and the mixing and heating of the inks takes place directly in the printing device. Intermediate or thermal sublimation is the transfer of the image to an intermediate medium, namely, paper for sublimation. Next, printing occurs using a thermal press, which transfers the drawing to the finished product.

The graverton technology provides truly high-quality and durable images, since the molecules of the paint penetrate deep into the material and remain there forever - the picture cannot be removed and it practically does not change its original appearance.

Sublimation: advantages and disadvantages of printing

Of all the existing types of printing, it is sublimation that occupies key positions in business and advertising. In addition to marketing tasks, it also performs a decorative function - images created using graverton technology look great on clothes, ceramic products, as well as on products from metal, wood, plastic and stone. The advantages of sublimation over other types of printing are obvious:

  1. Environmental friendliness. The process is environmentally friendly.
  2. Simplicity. Sublimation does not require expensive equipment, and the process itself is performed without rinsing.
  3. Circulation. Using sublimation printing, a different number of products is produced, which practically does not affect the price of the order.
  4. No additional costs. Graverton technology is indispensable when you need to print variable data.
  5. Full color printing. The ability to create vivid and rich drawings of any complexity and contour.

The disadvantages of sublimation are its limitations: images of photographic quality are obtained only on light or white surfaces; fabrics must contain polyester; materials such as glass, metal and ceramics require prior polymer coating.

In Kiev, sublimation printing services at an affordable price are offered by the printme.ua online store. We are engaged in the production of a wide range of products, we guarantee high quality, individual approach and prompt execution of orders. All work is done on modern equipment. The cost of the order depends on its circulation, complexity and urgency.

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