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Digital Printing Online

The online printing store printme.ua offers digital printing services in Kiev. We produce a wide range of products and carry out orders of any volume in the shortest possible time. Having a modern production base, we guarantee high quality and provide our customers with European-level service.

Operational digital printing is the most optimal type of printing for the production of urgent or small print runs. It is used for the manufacture of almost any type of product, from business cards to calendars and notebooks.

The main scope of digital printing is the production of a variety of promotional products:

Our printing house offers customers affordable prices for digital color printing, prompt execution of orders and printing of the highest quality. You can view the price and place an order in just a few clicks right on our website.

Features of digital printing

Digital printing- This is a method of obtaining prints using a printing press directly from electronic layout files, without using a variable printing form. All changes in the layouts are made on the computer, which allows you to quickly edit any image right before printing.

The main advantages of this method include:

  1. High speed. It is not for nothing that operational digital printing got its name: the time period from the moment of placing an order to receiving printed products varies from several minutes to several hours.
  2. Quick preparation for the printing process.
  3. High quality products.
  4. The ability to adjust the finished layout in the printing process.
  5. The press of small circulations - from the 1st copy.
  6. Reducing the time spent on getting the finished print run.
  7. A flexible approach to individual sketches.
  8. Printing on various materials - paper, design cardboards.

Digital color printing gives you plenty of room for creativity, allowing you to bring to life various creative ideas. To use it for the production of small runs is much more profitable because of the relatively low cost. Some restrictions are imposed by the maximum format of products, which can be only a little larger than A3.

Digital printing services are the best choice for those who need timelines, an individual approach and need a relatively small circulation.

Digital Printing Costs

The site printme.ua lists the price for the services provided. The order price includes the price of materials and digital printing per area of the printed image.

We work to ensure that our customers receive European service at the most affordable price. Having placed an order with us, you do not overpay for the urgency of its implementation. We also hold promotions on popular products. With each order you can use the accumulative system of discounts. Our managers carefully listen to the requirements of the client and are always ready to perform an individual cost calculation.

If you need high-quality and affordable digital printing in Kiev, please contact us. Having become our client, you can be sure that the order will be executed in good faith.

To order printing online you need only a few steps:

  • Choose the required item
  • Check your layout for compliance layout requirements.
  • If you don’t have a layout, order production of a layout by our professional designers. Learn best practices on how to design flyers most
  • Download the product model in the first step in the basket (pre-add files to the archive)
  • Choose the appropriate shipping method for your order.
  • Select a Payment Method

If you have additional questions about creating an order -read order creation instructions, we have shown as much as possible step by step all stages of processing an online printing order.

If you have any further questions, you can contact our managers and solve all issues over the phone.

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