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Today, printing on a plate is gaining popularity. This technology allows you to realize any design idea and implement bold marketing solutions. The equipment used for printing on a PVC plate makes it possible to give the polymer any shape. This method is resorted to when it is necessary to make signs, signs, pillars and many other products.

Printme.ua online printing store offers a production service plates on plastic by applying images through UV printing. We have all the necessary production facilities that allow us to quickly fulfill orders of any volume and complexity. The materials we have made manifest themselves equally well in both outdoor and interior applications. You can orderUV printing on plastic, on glass and on tiles. All materials undergo thorough pre-press preparation: they are degreased, cleaned of dust, treated with a special composition that improves paint adhesion. Becoming our client, you not only get high-quality and colorful plates on plastic, but also get a lot of other advantages:

  • the most affordable UV printing in Kiev;
  • no queues;
  • individual approach;
  • no overpayments for urgency;
  • promotions and cumulative discount system.

Our experts will provide you with highly professional advice on all your questions, as well as help you decide on the choice of products.

Benefits of UV Printing

    This type of printing represents the whole science of transferring images onto a hard surface, which are used in many industries. Products made using UV printing technology are most widely used in advertising, because it allows you to work not only with hard, but also with flexible, embossed, transparent and colorless surfaces. Many types of printing, advertising and souvenir products attract the attention of potential customers, and UV printing is often used in the design of exhibition stands, trading floors, concert venues, offices, business centers and the exterior of buildings.

    The advantages of UV printing come from the features of this technology:

  1. Used ink dries quickly, instantly hardening. Since they are not absorbed into the material, there is no need to laminate the products, they are immediately subjected to post-printing processing, so orders are completed as soon as possible.
  2. There are no material restrictions in UV printing. Images can be applied on plastic and on such traditional advertising media as acrylic, foam board, PVC, composite panels. Ultraviolet printing is also done on film, providing vivid and rich images. Also, this technology is used when working with leather, tarpaulin and fabric. Recently, Kiev is gaining momentum and exclusive photo printing on glass, stained-glass windows and shutters, printing on kitchen aprons.
  3. Inks for UV printing provide moisture resistance, grease resistance and complete environmental cleanliness of images. They are also not subject to the damaging effects of temperatures, are resistant to abrasion and practically do not change during heat treatment.
  4. The technology allows you to carry even the smallest details with maximum accuracy and clarity. It perfectly conveys the depth of colors and shades.
  5. Ink for UV printing is odorless, non-toxic, and therefore absolutely harmless to human health and the environment. They only dry out under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Such environmental friendliness is very important not only in the printing process, but also for finished products used in residential and public interiors.

By choosing ultraviolet printing for your products, you will turn them into powerful marketing tools that will highlight your products and are guaranteed to bring success to your company, make the brand recognizable in the eyes of consumers.

UV printing technology and cost

For UV printing, nothing is impossible. Products are not limited in size, format and color. You can transfer any image to various surfaces, up to photos on plastic, acrylic, glass, tile.

The UV printing process consists of printing with an inkjet printer using UV curable ink. They are transferred directly to the media, so they are perfectly fixed. The ink contains only natural, environmental components, so the printing technology is completely safe and can be used even in conditions with special sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Despite the high quality of manufactured products, UV printing is affordable at a wide range of consumers. The price consists of factors such as:

  • urgency of the order;
  • the number of manufactured products;
  • materials used;
  • post-print processing.

When placing an order for plates on plastic or UV printing on acrylic, plastic or glass, printme.ua specialists will make an individual cost calculation for you.

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