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It is difficult to imagine the most practical and functional gift than a watch. And although in the modern world people, for the most part, check time on displays of electronic gadgets, traditional products have not lost their relevance. Making watches with the company logo is a popular service in Kiev, which is used by both private and corporate clients. They are stylish accessories, as well as powerful advertising tools that will help to attract new customers and increase profits.

Application on the watch

A watch with a company logo refers to souvenir products. They are a wonderful decoration of the office, emphasize the corporate style of the company. You can use a souvenir watch with a logo as gifts to partners, colleagues and customers. They will become evidence that you care about your image. A clock with a logo is a great option to win over a person. Approaching this issue thoughtfully and creatively, you will get a truly original product. The shape, size and design of watches with the company logo can be very different:

  • wall mounted;
  • tabletop;
  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • square etc.

For the manufacture of watches with a logo, various materials are used. Modern technologies and a wide selection of processing allow to realize any idea. Most often, watches with a logo are made from:

  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • acrylic;
  • a tree;
  • stone.

You can buy a watch with a logo in Kiev at an affordable price in the printme.ua online store. In our work, we use various methods of applying images to watches, using only strong, durable and high-quality materials.

Logo Watches

The most optimal method for making watches with a logo is sublimation. It implies the thermal drawing of a picture on a decorated product through an intermediate carrier. Sublimation application on the watch provides a deep penetration of the coloring matter into the structure of the material. With it, you get images of photographic quality that are resistant to abrasion and fading. It also makes it possible to work with different surfaces coated with a special sublimation varnish.

Having decided to order a watch with a logo from us, you can be sure that you will get quality accessories with a bright and rich image. We offer souvenirs not only for advertising purposes. Custom-made watches are not limited to the logo and other corporate symbols: our specialists can also print photos and any other pattern. In our assortment there are wall and desktop products that you can decorate according to your layout or ask our designers for help. We guarantee:

  • strict observance of your requirements;
  • high-quality manufacture of watches;
  • operational execution of orders;
  • professional consulting support;

affordable cost of wall clocks on order.