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The online printing store printme.ua offers a wide selection of products. Our assortment includes flags and flags made by sublimation and direct printing. Production facilities allow us to apply clear, vibrant, and vibrant images to fabrics such as polyester silk, satin, and flag netting. You can order flags of any sizes and types from us:

  • single;
  • stitching;
  • unilateral;
  • bilateral;
  • horizontal
  • vertical.

Flags to order are made as soon as possible and at affordable prices. We guarantee our customers an individual approach, strict compliance with the requirements, and also provide the opportunity to buy flags and flags for the action, use the cumulative discount system.

Flag production: types and applications

The manufacture and printing of flags is of great importance, since these products are a distinctive feature of states, public and political organizations, companies. Production technologies are constantly evolving and today these accessories are widely used in various fields of activity. They can often be seen during celebrations, ceremonies and presentations. Flags and flags give the event solemnity, make it possible to feel part of something great and grand. Large and small companies resort to the flag printing service to emphasize their prestige, image and status. Their use allows you to attract potential customers and make the brand more recognizable.

Based on the format and scope, there are several types of flag products:

  1. Corporate flags. They are produced in company colors with a logo and other symbols applied to the fabric. They help to shape the image of the company, attract the attention of customers and partners to its activities, emphasizes the corporate style.
  2. Street flags. The most common type of products used in promotions, exhibitions, presentations, social and entertainment events. Depending on the place where the flag will be used, it can be installed on grommets, loops or a flagpole.
  3. State flags and flags. They are of great importance, are the subject of pride and the main distinguishing feature of the country. Such flags can be seen not only in government buildings, but also in office centers of various companies, as they emphasize the organization’s high status at business meetings and important negotiations. State flags are often complemented by fringe and other accessories.
  4. Propaganda flags. Used in parades, rallies and street processions. The main task of such flags and flags is to attract the masses to the event, they also serve as decoration.
  5. Flags of the world. Provide information on the whereabouts of a foreign organization, representative office, branch.
  6. Flags of military units. Official symbols that indicate the membership of military command and control units in military formations.
  7. Football and sports flags. They are used when organizing sports events, tournaments, and also demonstrate fan support for fans of their favorite teams and football clubs.
  8. Advertising flags and flags. If you want to conduct an advertising campaign, give it solemnity, and emphasize the festive atmosphere, then such products will help you a lot. Advertising flags and flags with a logo can also be cute souvenirs that you can give to customers, partners and employees.

Production and printing of flags

Since flag printing involves working with fabric, the best methods are sublimation and direct printing. They do not involve the use of special equipment and expensive paints, so the production of flags and flags is affordable for every consumer. Also, the speed of production and printing allows you to produce flags on order in a short time. These methods provide deep penetration of paints into the material, so the images on flags and flags are obtained not only beautiful and saturated, but also resistant to ultraviolet rays and mechanical damage. Such products will serve for a long time, almost without changing their original appearance.

You can order a flag or advertising flags directly on the website of the printme.ua online store.