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An integral attribute of sports style are caps. They not only protect the head and eyes from the sun during training, but also are a stylish addition. These hats go to everyone, and guys, and girls, children and adults. A cap is a fashion accessory that adds integrity to the look. They can be seen not only in athletes: today almost everyone has at least one cap in their wardrobe. Due to this popularity, products have often been used by marketers for advertising purposes.

Logo caps

Putting a logo on baseball caps is a great option for a promotion. Branding of clothes is also resorted to for practical purposes: in shopping centers, clubs, cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, caps are part of the uniform of the staff, therefore corporate symbols must be present at them. Also, caps with a logo can be a pleasant gift for your colleagues, partners and customers. This allows you to feel your belonging to the team, to increase the effectiveness of team building and group trainings. Also caps with a logo can be part of the clothes of promoters. Such a souvenir will be appropriate at any event:

  1. You can play them at contests.
  2. Hand out at conferences and exhibitions.
  3. Sell to fans of your brand.

There are several styles of caps. Having chosen the most suitable one, having painted the product in company colors and placing your logo, you will get not only a stylish accessory, but also an effective advertising medium.

In printme.ua online store you can order caps of the following types:

  • classic
  • direct;
  • baseball caps;
  • flat;
  • caps;
  • visors;
  • eight-blades;
  • snapbacks;
  • tractors.

Depending on what material the cap is made of, the optimum print selection is selected. You can decorate the product with an author's print or logo - our staff will help you with the layout and offer the most suitable method of application.

Cap Printing

Making custom caps, we adhere to the principles of customer safety. Since we are talking about a piece of clothing, products should be made from high-quality, environmental materials that will not harm the owner. Also caps with a logo are supplemented with “Velcro”, metal adjustable clasps and mesh for ventilation. The color of products depends only on your wishes.

The most commonly used methods for applying a logo to baseball caps are:

  • sublimation printing;
  • thermal transfer;
  • screen printing;
  • flex;
  • embroidery.

This or that way of printing on caps is selected depending on the material and circulation. Each of them provides high-quality and clear images that are not erased and not damaged over time.

To order a cap, use the site of the printme.ua online store. Becoming our client, you will save not only time, but also money. We offer custom caps at affordable prices, while the quality of the products remains consistently high.

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Чашка перламутровая зеленая
Сегодня получил свой заказ, хочу поделиться впечатлениями! Фотографии на чашках выглядят красиво, очень понравился цвет чашки. Изготовили в срок, цена приемлемая!

Адресные таблички (УФ печать)

January 9, 2019 14:10
Адресные таблички (УФ печать)
Дякую за чудовий друк табличок. По рекомендаціям своїх знайомих звернулася в дану типографію. Так як мої знайомі уже замовляли і дуже задоволені якістю зображення та довговічністю. Замовила і я, і справді надрукували адресні таблички швидко, якість чудова. Дякую. Ще багато треба поліграфічної продукції. Тепер буду знати до кого звертатися.

Буклет А4

January 18, 2018 20:23
Буклет А4
Очень понравились буклеты! Спасибо огромное за отличное качество печати и оперативность!!! Успехов!!!
Белая футболка, запечатка А4
Брала мужу на груди рисунок красивый получился спасибо!, качество футболки на высоте!.

Цифровая печать флаеров

January 15, 2019 14:58
Цифровая печать флаеров
Заказывали печать флаеров для промоакции. Нужно было отправить в разные города на следующий дерь после заказа. Эти ребята выполнили все в срок. Качество на высоте. Спасибо за оперативность!

Таблички на дом

January 9, 2019 14:54
Таблички на дом
Хорошая типография. Сделала заказ на сайте, сайт удобный, все доступно и понятно. Заказала себе и соседям ультрафиолетовую печать адресных табличек. Цены нормальные, качество супер. Изготовили заказ быстро. Спасибо огромное.