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One of the most popular types of promotional souvenir products are magnets. These products are often presented after a trip abroad or visiting attractions. Thanks to the possibilities of modern printing of magnets, they can be turned into a relevant and original gift for any reason. Also, do not deny their effectiveness in marketing - large organizations and small enterprises use magnets as an advertising tool that enhances brand awareness, emphasizes the image of the company and supports cooperation with business partners. Such souvenirs will for a long time be a reminder of the place or event that you visited, since magnets are traditionally hung on the refrigerator. They will always be in sight, which makes them not only a subject of decor, but also an effective advertising medium.

The manufacture of magnets is a popular service due to the wide scope of these souvenirs. They are used as gifts at corporate parties, exhibitions, conferences, presentations, etc. Photo on magnets is an excellent gift for a birthday, for a wedding, and other holidays. Many people simply collect these products, as they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In fridge magnets you can realize any design idea, the main thing is to choose a reliable company that produces custom-made magnets.

Types of advertising and souvenir magnets

Production and printing on magnets is another area of activity of the printme.ua online store. If you are looking for a company in Kiev that can provide quality and affordable products, please contact us. We offer a wide range of products:

  1. Photomagnets. Souvenirs with the application of photographic images, usually rectangular in shape.
  2. Sunset magnets. Products in the form of badges with a magnetic insert. This is a great option for use in promotions and just a nice souvenir.
  3. Vinyl fridge magnets. They are made using magnetic rubber and vinyl. It is these flat magnets that are most often used as an advertising medium. They are convenient, functional, inexpensive in cost, therefore, are in great demand.
  4. Acrylic Universal type of magnets. They consist of a transparent acrylic case, which can be taken apart and inserted into the magnet image.
  5. The magnet puzzle consists of several curly products that are assembled into a single image. This is a wonderful souvenir with an element of the game that children will especially like.
  6. Notepad magnet. Inexpensive and useful gift. It is mounted not only on the refrigerator, but also on any metal surface.

The manufacture of magnets. The press of a photo on magnets in Kiev

In our work we use modern equipment and high-quality materials. The magnets we produce do not break, crumble or break. Products stick tightly to the refrigerator with their entire surface, minimizing the risk of falling. Professional and experienced designers of printme.ua online store will offer you a choice of many layout options for photomagnets, develop a magnet with your company logo or slogan. Cooperating with us, you can be sure of the high quality and exclusivity of products.

Printing magnets is carried out in the following ways:

  1. Digital printing of magnets - used for the manufacture of small and urgent runs,
  2. Offset method - for printing medium and large runs of magnets,
  3. Large format printing - for large magnets and custom shapes,
  4. Sublimation printing - for printing magnets on metal.

You can order magnets directly on our website without leaving your home.

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Пластиковые карточки

February 4, 2019 16:59
Пластиковые карточки
Оперативная и качественная печать пластиковых карт по доступным ценам. Приветливый, толковый персонал, который всегда четко отвечает на вопросы по заказу. Приятно сотрудничать, обязательно обратимся еще!

Металлические адресные таблички

January 9, 2019 12:29
Металлические адресные таблички
Здравствуйте. Спасибо огромное за оперативно проделанную работу. Металлические таблички очень качественные оправдали все мои ожидания. Успехов вам и процветания.

Объявления А6 на ризографе

January 9, 2019 16:36
Объявления А6 на ризографе
Спасибо Вам за оперативное и качественное изготовление моих объявлений. Я и не думала что за такие смешные деньги возможно получить такой красивый и привлекательный товар. Будем работать только с Вами

Коврик для мыши 235*196*3мм

July 25, 2019 17:36
Коврик для мыши 235*196*3мм
Коврики для мышки однозначно заслуживают 5++. Спасибо большое типографии Рrintme за быструю печать, доступные цены и творческий подход к выполнению заказов.

Ручки Busines

October 16, 2018 12:40
Ручки Busines
Очень доволен выполненным заказом! Ручки с логотипом смотрятся солидно, цены приемлемые, сотрудникам понравились, спасибо!

Календари домик Бизнес

August 27, 2019 18:22
Календари домик Бизнес
Решил себе в офис на стол заказать календарь домик и не пожалел. Быстро и качественно напечатали очень прикольный календарь. Спасибо, теперь на столе есть приятный аксессуар.