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Folding pictures or puzzles are a popular type of puzzle. The process of compiling pictures from many elements captivates both children and adults. Puzzles develop logical thinking, attention, imagination and memory. An unlimited number of people can take part, so this is a great way to gather family, friends, to have fun and have fun. In addition, modern printing technology allows you to make puzzles truly unique, so they are often presented as a gift for a birthday, March 8, New Year, All Valentine's Day, October 14, etc. Printing on puzzles gives the ability to place any, even the smallest image on the constituent elements, and as a result you will get a bright, rich and clear whole picture.

The service for the manufacture of puzzles in Kiev offers an online printing store printme.ua. You can order from us:

  • classic puzzles;
  • children's puzzles;
  • jigsaw puzzles of large formats;
  • glossy puzzles;
  • magnetic puzzles;
  • figured puzzles;
  • puzzles in the shape of a heart.

Using sublimation printing, we produce jigsaw puzzles from photographs according to ready-made patterns, as well as individual layouts. Possessing all the necessary production capacities, we can place the image on any surface, we guarantee the most operational production time, affordable price and photographic clarity of details.

Puzzles to order. Types and formats of products

Folding pictures are far from new. With the development of technology and an increase in consumer interest, more and more puzzle options appear. Traditionally, pictures are applied to cardboard or plastic, but today you also have the opportunity to buy fabric puzzles. The paper from which they are made can be matte or glossy. Magnetic puzzles are very popular, because the finished picture does not need to be glued. It remains holistic and can serve as an excellent decoration, and if desired, it can be disassembled again.

Puzzles differ not only in the material of manufacture, but also in size, format and number of fragments:

  1. Gift or souvenir puzzles. They are large in size, and the number of elements is not less than 3000.
  2. Folding paintings ranging in size from 20x30 cm to 60x80 cm are called hard puzzles. Drawing up such a product, as a rule, does not take much time. The number of fragments is 50-1000.
  3. The size of soft puzzles varies from 6x9 cm to 20x30 cm. They are often resorted to printing for advertising purposes. Products can be assembled within 15-30 minutes.
  4. An excellent advertising medium is a flash puzzle. It consists of only 24 elements, and its main feature is to fold the picture “blindly”, since it does not have an original image that you can focus on.

At printme.ua, you can buy or custom-make photo puzzles in formats from A6 to A3.

Puzzles with a photo. Sublimation Printing

Sublimation photo puzzles are the most widespread in Kiev. The reason for this demand is explained by the features of printing technology - sublimation or graviton. It is this method that guarantees accurate and clear image with photographic quality. When the need arises to make a puzzle out of a photograph, sublimation printing is the best option. It allows you to apply color images, photographs, inscriptions, logos and various drawings to the surface of any materials .. The entire process of printing on puzzles takes place using an inkjet printer, special ink and a press. The resulting pictures are distinguished by bright, saturated colors, deep shades and smooth transitions. Puzzles made with this technology with photos are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, abrasion and mechanical damage. Another important advantage of sublimation photo printing on puzzles is the affordable cost.

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Календари перекидные А3

February 20, 2019 18:13
Календари перекидные А3
Типография работает быстро, качество продукции тоже порадовало - календари с фото превзошли все мои ожидания! Дефектов не обнаружили а цены очень доступные. Спасибо.

Пазлы А4

July 25, 2019 17:31
Пазлы А4
Фотопазлы просто шикарные! Отлично подойдут для подарка, так как качество печати реально на высоте! Однозначно 5 звезд!
Чашка с Черной ручкой и ободком
Спасибі величезне за класні чашки. Залишилася задоволена своїм замовленням. Замовила на сайті і в цей же день прийшло повідомлення, що замовлення готово. Була в шоці!!! Молодці!!! Отримала по пошті, гарно запаковано, якість друку на чашках просто суперова!!!Раджу всім, не пошкодуєте) вищий бал за роботу і швидке виконання замовлення!!!!

Модульные картины

January 15, 2019 15:06
Модульные картины
Мы заказали на подарок модульную картину триптих. Ребята изготовили качественно, оперативно и со скидкой. Вы молодцы. Спасибо

Календари домик Мини

February 4, 2019 16:46
Календари домик Мини
Заказывала календари настольные, качество отменное, цены адекватные и самое главное сроки изготовления не нарушают. Спасибо.

Фирменные бланки

May 28, 2019 11:32
Фирменные бланки
Быстрая и качественная печать фирменных бланков, замечаний нет. После сотрудничества с вашей типографией остались только положительные эмоции!