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The office is an important element in maintaining the image of the company. Among the wide variety of products, branded pens are the most common. Such seemingly insignificant products, in fact, emphasize prestige and corporate identity, demonstrate a high status and attention to detail. Pens with the logo of a particular organization can often be seen at conferences, exhibitions, trainings, presentations. They are used during business meetings and negotiations with partners. They can be presented as a souvenir as a souvenir, and also used as an advertising medium. Political organizations also resort to branding pens for campaigns and various campaigns and social events. Therefore, it is very important that the products themselves and the logos applied to them are of high quality, resistant and durable. Entrusting the manufacture of branded pens to specialists of the online printing company printme.ua, you will receive a European level of service and strict observance of your wishes and requirements.

Making pens with a logo. Printing Features

The main advantages of the logo pen are its practicality and long-term use. Each time you need to write something, the owner of such a pen will remember about your company. In order for products to perform not only advertising, but also their main function as long as possible, the manufacture of pens with a logo should be taken very seriously. Therefore, before ordering products, decide on the following points:

  1. Purpose of use. It can be promotional pens with a logo used in a promotion, at a training, seminar or conference. You can choose both simple, budget pens, and more expensive and presentable. If you plan to present the product as a souvenir, then in this case the second option is much preferable.
  2. Drawing a logo and information on handles. Since the product does not provide a large area for placing the image, the picture should be as simple as possible, and the information should be clear and informative. It should be easy to read and understand. It is not recommended to print complex drawings along with the logo on the pen, since an excess of images will more likely scare away than attract.
  3. Colour. Branding of pens consists not only in printing a logo, but also in color. The product must be made in your company colors. You can choose either a ready-made pen with a suitable color for you, or a white blank on which you can apply any color.
  4. Ink. They are also of great importance. Ink used for branded pens should not spread, dry for a long time and smell bad.

Taking into account all these requirements, you can get really high-quality pens with a logo. Especially if you made an order at printme.ua. Our logo pens will be a great addition to the image of your company, and your partners and customers will definitely want to have one.

Pens with a logo in Kiev

If you are looking for a reliable and responsible manufacturer in Kiev from whom you can order pens with a logo, please contact our online store. We have all the necessary production facilities that allow us to quickly fulfill orders of any complexity and circulations. For drawing a logo on handles we use pad printing technology. The basic principle is to transfer the image to the product through an intermediate elastic element (tampon) from the cliche. The advantages of such printing on pens:

  • the ability to apply a logo on any surface;
  • high quality not only images, but also the pens themselves;
  • production of any print runs;
  • affordable cost of printing;
  • operational terms.

Pad printing is a relatively new technology in comparison with silk-screen printing and offset printing, but this type of printing on pens has proved to be the best, therefore it is used everywhere for mass production.

The price of printing on pens depends on:

  • order complexity;
  • number of colors;
  • circulation;
  • terms of manufacturing pens with a logo.

Our experts are always ready to perform for you an individual miscalculation of the cost of the order.