Пленки для цветной печати на светлых тканях без выборки и плоттерной порезки по самым низким ценам

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One of the most popular printing technologies is full-color printing on light textiles using thermal transfer films.

We bring to your attention the innovative technology of color printing with Forever films using the OKI 8432 Wt printer with white toner.

This technology is a novelty in Ukraine, but in its qualities it in many ways surpasses the traditional direct print on T-shirts.

What are the advantages of using films for light textiles?:

  • The cost of printing is lower.
  • Resistance to burnout and mechanical damage is higher than direct printing.
  • Application speed (full A3 print cycle is only 1 minute).
  • There is no need to overpay for the high filling of prints.
  • The ability to quickly print on T-shirts (both cotton and polyester), caps, eco-bags, jackets, specials, shorts, pants, etc.
  • The ability to rationally position multiple orders on a single printed sheet.
  • Thanks to Rip's straining, we get nice to the touch prints without the effect of rubber T-shirts.
  • The price of the equipment set is an order of magnitude less than direct printing.

For full-color printing on T-shirts you will need only one paper:

  1. Paper A. polymer paper, on which the printer is directly printed and under the influence of a thermopress on the Paper A the image is transferred to the T-shirt only in the place where there is a toner (our print).

You also have the opportunity to buy from us a ready sheet with printing and transferred polymer and seb at the production only to make a thermotransfer to your textiles.

Buy films from us you are guaranteed to get the best price, and most importantly - it is operational support when using this technology at home. You can Order a complete set of equipment we have and in a couple of days to launch their business on high-quality printing on textiles!