Online printing house Printme.kiev.uacreated for convenience our dear customers. We will not hide that Internet printing is a novelty in the Ukrainian market and we work hard to ensure that our customers receive all the latest and European services. On our website you can order business cards, flyers, leaflets, posters, letterheads, company envelopes, hengers, calendars, banner printing, large format printing, souvenir products, printing on cups, printing letters on metal, printing on t-shirts in just a few clicks.

   What can you order on our website? What services do we provide? How to place an order? What do you need for high-quality printing of your order?We will tell all this further.

        What standard printing products are available to order?

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  1. Business cards. This is perhaps the most common product that every businessman or person who conducts any type of activity needs. Business cards come in different formats and standards, using different types of post-printing processes (from lamination and rounding corners to foil stamping), different topics (for dentists, for a notary, for a hairdresser, etc.). Printing business cards is possible from economy class to VIP business cards. To satisfy all the possible desires of our customers, we constantly have more than 30 types of designer cardboard, but on request and in a short time we will print the ordered business cards on any of the more than 3000 types of cardboard available in stock from our suppliers. We carry out digital and offset printing of business cards.
  2. Flyer, Euroflyer.Hengers.This is the most sought-after product that is ordered to conduct promotions, to advertise services or your business. Any promotion is simply not possible without flyers and hengers. For us, at the subconscious level, each received Euroflyer is associated with advertising, and a beautiful and stylish flyer for each recipient will cause only a positive reaction to the promotion or service you are promoting. Do not save on advertising, which will achieve the desired result in your own business. Henger is often used for advertising on door handles, on cars.
  3. Digital and offset printing of leaflets, duplication on a risograph.Each of our customers calls sheet printed products in different ways: poster, presentation, announcement, postcard, poster, etc. We call it a flyer. Leaflets come in various formats, such as A4, A5, A3, with varying degrees and color of prints, printed on different paper and with different print runs. All these variables affect the cost of making leaflets. You must determine for yourself the type of print, it depends on the required circulation, print dates, budget, print quality. We will tell about all this in detail in the Leaflets section. The tips we created allow you not to spend a lot of time miscalculating the circulation, it’s enough for you to choose the proposed parameters and the price will be calculated automatically using complex algorithms.
  4. Notepads. Each of you would like to have your own personal, corporate notebook with its own logo. Firstly, this emphasizes the status of your company, and secondly, if all partners have your corporate notebooks, they will allow you to remember about you all your key customers who will keep notes in notebooks with your company logo every day and possibly more than once. We produce notebooks in all standard formats with all types of fastening (on a spring, on glue, on bolts, etc.)
  5. Stickers, labels. Stickers are very often used in our lives. Any stickers, badges, emblems, logos, advertising posters, announcements and much more can be printed on self-adhesive paper or PVC film. We can also cut out any outline of the stickers with a cutting plotter.
  6. Plastic cards.This type of product is used to create discount cards, company credit cards, certificates, badges. We carry out all possible marking operations that will allow you to complete an order of any complexity.
  7. Letterhead,company envelopes.This is another indispensable product that will emphasize the status of your company and will not only stand out among other companies, but also in the case of envelopes, simplify the work of employees who will spend a minimum amount of time filling out data for sending.
  8. Brochures This is a multi-page product, which is also called: manual, manual, technical data sheet, user manual, training manual, catalog, presentation, diploma, etc. Depending on the type of bonding, you can get brochures stapled, spring, soft cover, hard cover. We carry out all types of brochure printing.
  9. Large format printing.Banner,screamedcity papercanvas.All these products are large, which are most often measured in square meters. We print with eco-solvent ink, which is resistant to atmospheric stress. Photographic printing of large-format products will not allow anyone to pass your banner or other advertising product. We also print UV (ultraviolet) printing on plastic and any sheet material.
  10. Printing on cups, mugs.This is an indispensable and very popular souvenir that will delight any person. Due to the fact that we have more than 40 types of cups available (from standard to exclusive), you can choose a cup for any person, for any occasion, occasion, anniversary, birthday, etc. For our customers, we have prepared a free template database for different holidays, using the catalog you will definitely give an unrivaled gift with a print on cups.
  11. Printing on t-shirts. Someone may say that you can use individual t-shirts only in the summer - this is absolutely not the right position. If you present a beautiful T-shirt to your loved one, employee, colleague, friend or girlfriend, believe me they will wear these T-shirts and remember you every day without days off. This is a very nice and creative gift. You can print on a T-shirt photographs, textures, jokes, company logo and much more. We use only the highest quality t-shirts, leading brands.

This is only part of the standard product. Using the catalog and site search you can find many more different printing and souvenir products.

Why is online printing convenient?

  • No queues or time limits
  • The cheapest price on the market
  • Convenient, fast, simple and without leaving home
  • Specialist. tariffs for delivery to anywhere in our country
  • European, which means it is our future :)

Why do you need to opt for our company?

  • Prompt production of any order
  • Individual approach to each of our beloved clients
  • High quality equipment from leading brands
  • Flexible approach to any requirements of our dear customers
  • No overpayments for urgency of order fulfillment
  • Permanent promotions on the most popular products
  • Cumulative discount system for every order

    By choosing our company, you will forever forget about the poor quality of work, about failure to deliver products, and also save your money and time.

    Every day we expand our assortment, and if you are interested in an individual miscalculation,our managers happy to do it. We are always glad to see you and your orders.